Hi ma bois (and alice),
I'm currently really looking forward to participate in a German competition called "Jugend forscht", but I have absolutely no valid project ideas. It features many discipline categories like physics, biology and more but I want to get involved with IT.

My aim is to focus on software but I am also down to build a little robot, since I own a raspberry pi.

My first idea was to build a robotic arm with a magnet on top under a chess table, so the arm can move little magnets at the bottom of each figures to control the movement of them like magic. BUT ... somebody already did that.

My next idea was to develop a "social media profiler", that analyzes a social media profile using AI. BUT ... somebody already did that.

So do you have any ideas with some kind of value for humanity? Thank you in advance.

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    Alice no longer exists lol
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    A decentralized news-platform that uses preexisting infrastructure / local-area-communication / maybe a custom server , to share articles, so its pretty much uncensorable.
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    @Alice Woo fuck yea that toaster is gonna kick ass.

    How ya been?
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    @Alice Well I gotcha Twitter screenshot so if I ever need something I'll hit ya up.

    Nice to see familiar faces every once in a while
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    @Alice Fancy seeing you here! I've apparently missed every single one of your appearance *_*
    The toaster's good, hope you are too!

    PS: Blue background suits you better ;)
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    @Alice Getting "spammed" I see ;)
    No worries, as long as you're good, that's for the better!

    (You better bring me a toaster if you come around these "mountainy" parts :D)
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    @Alice So, will there ever be a BonbonPi release? :D
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    @Alice Oh, small question about it. You mentioned it uses omxplayer for playing the music files.
    Are you just executing a system command, or is there a wrapper? Running something directly feels dirty.
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