Story about an obscure bug: https://twitter.com/mmalex/status/...

"We had a ‘fun’ one on LittleBigPlanet 1: 2 weeks to gold, a Japanese QA tester started reliably crashing the game by leaving it on over night. We could not repro. Like you, days of confirmation of identical environment, os, hardware, etc; each attempt took over 24h, plus time differences, and still no repro.

"Eventually we realised they had an eye toy plugged in, and set to record audio (that took 2 days of iterating) still no joy.

"Finally we noticed the crash was always around 4am. Why? What happened only in Japan at 4am? We begged to find out.

"Eventually the answer came: cleaners arrived. They were more thorough than our cleaners! One hour of vacuuming near the eye toy- white noise- caused the in game chat audio compression to leak a few bytes of memory (only with white noise). Long enough? Crash.

"Our final repro: radios tuned to noise, turned up, and we could reliably crash the game. Fix took 5 minutes after that. Oh, gamedev...."

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