Just a random question out of interest:

How much shit did the younger members on here get because of their age? And for which reasons?

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    We don’t discriminate against age around here.
    If you’re 12 and can do my job better then me, then kudos.
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    @C0D4 I’m aware it’s not around here on devRant. I mean more at interviews etc.
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    @xalys i must have miss read what you were asking.

    I’m sure it’s a lot since most teenagers are expected to be nothing more then a junior.
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    Define 'younger members'?
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    @C0D4 there's no discrimination in his question. If you are a 12 and do your job well you have nothing to say on the topic. If you're 12 and you fuck up -- you don't do your job well AND have something to say to the OP
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    Well I don’t see a lot of discrimination. Some are in high school. Some are in middle school all the way to fresh grad and some old people.

    Though the in crowd is us 20-30 year olds
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    @netikras 'A person with the username EV_EV'
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    @EV-EV I don't know what you mean by that
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    I rarely get any shit. The most worst part is that i need my parents every time i want to buy a VPS...
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    Only indirectly, when they repost old memes they found on 9gag
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    Wait until they grow like 40 years old and don't get jobs because of their age, now THAT is age discrimination. Seems to be normal in Sillygone Valley with their youth craze.
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    *opening my mail to a former hosting company* well that's some shit mail @xalys
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