To be able to code blind folded - literally. A few years back when the web speech synthesis apis came out and chat bots were raging I thought it would be cool to dictate pseudo code on the fly whole whiteboard the problem. When I investigated the easiest way to implement a mvp I was shocked to learn that there are BLIND programmers.

That alone is impressive and I went on to find that many have years of experience and add valuable contributions on a regular basis. Unfortunately I havnt had an opportunity to meet one yet but I am in utter awe of their accomplishment.

Should I get the chance I want to try and walk in their shoes, live a day without my eyes and learn to solve problems without spotting a pattern

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    I prefer to be able to code without any limbs 🤔
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    Thats always been one of my biggest fears. Ruining my eyes so I cannot code anymore.
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    @Codex404 or for that matter, hands.. a couple of years ago I got this issue where my hands would burn like fire when I sat in front of the computer for too long. A friend of mine at the time identified it as developing a risk of carpal tunnel syndrome (she also had it iirc). Boy was I quick to leave the PC for a while! I'm keeping my hands so that I can keep typing goddammit!! 😰
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    @Condor my right elbow, right wrist are all expired. Can't work with computer/phone for more than 2hrs continuously. Must take a break every now and then.
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    @Condor there was a girl here who had a prosthetic hand and programmed as well
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    woah....that's really amazing...I found this - https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    In my current company when I saw the whole group of blind people I said, that's great even they have something to work then one of senior told me they are software engineer writing programs, doing testing.. I got shocked and then realised nothing is impossible!
    I have very deep respect for them. Salute!
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    @Condor buy yourself a powerball. It helps. It was invented for astronauts to allow them to exercise in space. It helps me to keep RSI away.
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