Hey I have a career dilemma, was wondering if anyone experienced that and if anyone could give a tip on how to resolve it maybe.

TL;DR: I'm a Front End dev, who wants to become an expert in everything but obviously can't. What do I do? How do I choose what to learn?

Longer version. I started with Front End. Now i'm doing alright with Vue, React, bit of Angular, and other related to the stack tech. Then I started learning python because of a project I was doing (personal client). Didn't go far with this one. I still find it interesting esp. in the machine learning context, which I also want to do. Now I'm studying .NET, because of a project I'm currently doing at a company (full time, I'm doing ReactJS front end there tho). And I'm also studying for GCP exam, because I wanna know how to deploy solutions to the cloud. But one also needs to secure them, so I'm looking at some courses on Cybrary, in a search for appropriate courses.

I feel overwhelmed and unproductive. I feel like i need to specialize just in one field with some general knowledge about other areas. So I feel like I have to select what I do/learn carefully.

Any thoughts? How did you plan your career? What kind of goals did and do you set for yourself? Are you happy with those now once you achieve them?

I'd love to hear some stories. :)

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    My tipp:
    Learn how to write concepts like a pro.
    Those you can sell. Together with your universal knowledge of which technology can do what. You'll be in demand.
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    @heyheni thank you! So technically i'd be considered a full stack developer then, right?
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    Sounds like your trying to learn too much too fast. Ideally you should introduce one thing at a time or take baby steps.
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    @XanderCage No you'll considered as "Hello from the other side". Aka Manager. And in Management lies the money. Become a Chief Technology Oficcer in a medium sized company in 5 years.
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    @ftyross would you recommend to plan ahead and create a list of things to learn, sort of a sequence? Or to choose the next language/framework/something else on the fly?
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    I would recommend picking one or two things to learn at a time.

    The more things you choose to learn at a time, the longer it will take to fully become proficient in those technology/framework.

    I always found it best to learn things as you encounter them in a professional setting or in personal side projects where you pick one technology you fancy and build a project around it (even if you never release said project).
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