The assholes in my class (or just my classmates) keep asking me:"Yo, man, do you hack to websites and stuff?" And I always say " No, I don't really know how" and they keep saying " why won't you learn how to do this, shouldn't be that hard" and it's getting really hard to explain to them that I have no desire to ruin someones day, I just want to help people and make others happier. Any ideas for new answers for these questions?
Or, if you like, any good websec books?

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    Your first mistake is explaining shit to these people.

    They don't care and they don't want to know.

    Just say "no" and if they persist, tell em to fuck off.
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    @Stuxnet ok, nice idea, will do!
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    @Stuxnet @TheMiper can confirm, does work.
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    Alternatively, skip straight to fuck off. Might be less user friendly, but the efficiency is almost doubled.
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    Well, don't know how much you dislike them, but "no but i can hack to your mom" will surely escalate it quick and rough but also definitely - after you finished fighting the guy :D

    No, honestly. Just don't take them seriously. Tell them just to fuck off. Without insulting them..
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    Tell them no website security is notoriously difficult to bypass and that your more into hacking via usb network and physically. Websites are for people who want to get caught and that you really enjoy their company. Than ask them if they would like a free usb with a boot sector program/virus that you wrote.
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    cybersec/websec doesn't ruin people's lives, it makes deploying and testing a lot easier when you have good people working that side of things!

    That said, I don't know any good books because I can't learn from books. I suggest CTFs as a starting point of getting a feel for that type of stuff. Check out picoCTF's web challenges, it's really beginner friendly but works it's way up to really complicated/real-world types of problems. The link is below

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    @digitaldina Yea but when they say "hack websites" these numbskulls are thinking in malicious ways and things like Facebook for the sake of getting into people's accounts.

    Also, anything that can be done for good can be done to harm people.

    Having said that, thanks for the link. I'm interested in security, so I'll check it out since it's beginner friendly.
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    Can confirm @Stuxnet's comment is what it boils down to.
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    @Stuxnet @filthyranter true. I'm in high school so I can also relate to people being that dumb. Except it's more along the lines of creepy girlfriends trying to get me to teach them how to check if their boyfriend is cheating. smh ew

    @Stuxnet hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun solving those challenges
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