I am in love with Assembly ! 😸

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    You are crazy. Assembly ? Really ? Im in live with C but damn assembly is another level of craziness.
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    Wtf dude
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    Have a look at Compiler Explorer, it's great for seeing how languages correspond to the assembly they generate.
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    I mean Assembly can be pretty fun to fiddle with, but actually using it is another matter.
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    Assembly is how computer actually work after all sorts of abstraction layers have been pulled off, so it will make you a better programmer in general. Plus that sometimes, you may need to check the disassembly from the compiler generated code to see whether it's what you had intended.
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    "I am in love with assembly!"
    - nobody, ever
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    assembly...pffft. dude I'm in love with binaries. no scratch that, I manually fluctuate the currents passing in and out of the processor.

    yup, that's how I roll
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    @screams a former co-worker had something like that when they had to change software many years after release, but the sources were lost. They just took the binary and hacked in the modifications.
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    @Fast-Nop now thats impresive !!
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    @screams u rock then !
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    Haha no
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