If there is tech support that is just plain awesome, it these:
1) Namecheap
2) Newegg
3) Nyko

The ones that are meh include:
1) Linksys
2) AOL
3) Microsoft

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    What do you mean? I get calls at least twice a day from Microsoft employees checking if my computer works, they are one of the most active supports out there.
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    @JoshBent And man, the prices are really cheap! Just $199 for one year!
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    @filthyranter I paid twice as much, but the nice support guy blacked my screen (duh! he can't show me his passwords..) and then returned me some money, so essentially I made a great deal, it even showed up as income on my banking website after he showed me the screen again! marvelous and outstanding experience.
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    @JoshBent Did he have to black the screen multiple times because he thought you clicked somewhere? ;)
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    @filthyranter I first got scared because my monitor turned off, so I started slashing away at my keyboard and throwing my mouse around, that was met with immediate calming background noises of hundreds of other support agents and him telling me to "sir pliz du not tatsh thi computha", truly calmed me and caught me off guard that my trusty support agent was still there when I needed him most.
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    AOL?! people still use them?!
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    In fairness, Microsoft support can be great, I've had Microsoft remote in to fix azure issues in the past and not once had a problem with them.
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    @seraphimsystems I guess experience may vary

    @JoshBent I wish they call me; the only people that still do are trying to help me lower my auto insurance on a car that is older than me.
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