When a method has all the truth.

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    True true ******fucker
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    That's why that dev should have used named arguments, MS added that to C# for a reason, apparently he doesn't get it yet
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    The truth lies within the tickets search helper 🙏
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    @gitpush Or this other really cool thing C# can
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    @inaba Of course not to forget setting values to default acceptable ones in constructor so that if a smartass dev forgets a property, it doesn't go to null or whatever its default is, especially for int and bool
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    @inaba it is not exactly the same thing. That one is to initialize the fields.
    Parameters could have also been used for other purposes, without saving them in a field.

    But you're right, that is cool! Sometimes that could help.
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    @frugant Never said it was the same thing. I said it was a thing, it's cool, and a lot cleaner as well!

    Probably also my number one favourite feature in the language. Closely followed by LINQ and async/await :v
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    I can't see how that'd be a helper
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    Any method that takes that many arguments is a wrong method.
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    Where my bitflags at?
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    This is horrible. Even more in terms of quality. And yeah c# has named and optionals etc but that doesn't mean you should do stuff like this. A nice technique is to refactor this to use a parameter object to encapsulate all parameters and use that instead of so many arguments.
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    @CodeMasterAlex and what, use a parameterObjectFactory to instantiate it? :v

    Jokes aside could you come with an example of what you're talking about? It sounds messier that setting an objects properties pr my previous example
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    this gives a whole new meaning to "Single Source of Truth"....
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    @inaba Of course! Check out the e-book 'Building Maintainable Software - Ten Guidelines for Future-Proof Code' that you can get for free at the Software Improvement Group's website at https://softwareimprovementgroup.com/...

    I believe they have a c# and java version available. It also explains how and why to use a parameter object, look for 'introduce parameter object' in the pdf's index.
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    @CodeMasterAlex send me the example. I am not going to sign up :v
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    @inaba I took some effort to provide you a link where you can download it. Now you take the effort to fill in that simple form and click the download button! Or stay ignorant, the choice is yours.
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