My girlfriend clearly doesn’t understand our struggles

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    She does have a point :D
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    She's got a point....

    But same
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    I'm with her on this one. How come you write stuff you cannot understand?
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    I agree with her on this. How can you write code and not understand the code you just wrote?
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    @netikras @MonkeyParade @ananaszjoe @Stuxnet Stackoverflow -> Copy then Paste
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    @-red than its not writing code
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    How can you not understand your own code?
    I don't understand?

    Unless you're dealing with arcane hacks that you just happened to discover?
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    You're either writing it, or pasting together a canvas of snippets...
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    That's what happens when you don't comment your code, man. Start commenting, I feel you on this though. But it all improves after you start commenting .
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    She has a point
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    Alright everyone stop judging, i’m sleep deprived and running on just coffee rn, i literally don’t even remember what i had for dinner (2h ago) i did actually write the code myself without smacking stackoverflow answers together 😁
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    It's easy to write code and then not seeing through it anymore only a little later. (*) I am with @drekhi12 her, comments help. At least note *why* you did something.
    And please, get some sleep. That is not healthy!
    (*) I think about stuff like physics, or JIT compilers, maybe ray tracing... These things are nasty.
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    @jelleken I didn't mean "She's absolutely right" by "she has a point", merely that in an ideal world, the programmer know exactly what's going on in their code. That's not always the case though :)
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    You’re not doing complex algorithms or anything are you?

    If it’s your project, you should understand every line you write. Your gf is right.

    Not understanding is just strange. It seems like you’re trying to come up with experiences that don’t happen in reality but think it applies to all devs.
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    @growling Damn you are cruel...
    But yeah copy pasting without even understanding 300 frickin lines ! = writing code.
    @jelleken If you can't understand it, imagine how someone else will maintain it.
    Not judging you, but listen to yourself man, I hope you have slept.
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    @phreakyphoenix Had to get it done by tomorrow (which is why im so tired) so I just wanted to get it working, refactoring it tomorrow after we pushed to production ..
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    @phreakyphoenix That reminds me of a quote I read the other day :

    "Always write your code as if the guy who will maintain it later was a violent psychopath who knows where you live!"
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    Leave her and update your cv to get a new one
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    To everybody that says that she has a point: yes she has a point, but we live in 3d space and points are useless there...
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    @Gregozor2121 I like how you used 9 points in the comment stating they are useless
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    But they exist on R^2 so the are infinitley more important than in R^3
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    @Gregozor2121 Are you saying 3D is pointless...?

    @SoulSkrix why would you write without a plan...? WHY do you write it then? "let's just write and see where it leads us to" is a very, VERY bad practice
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    @netikras unfortunately that practice is far too often practiced... 🤔
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    @Gregozor2121 everything in 3D exists on a 2D plane. The points you used also have depth.
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    @SoulSkrix Seriously, 300 LOC in one night is a "code in hurry"? I'd understand if that was 10k LOC. But DEFINITELY not 300.
    My unit-test methods are longer than that
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    Uhhhh comments solves headaches and makes you have written more lines of code unless you comment out code
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    I must agree with her how can you not understand? Its your code..
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    Yes - this should not happen. But sometimes when you have deadlines and you're tired and do not have enough coffee - this just happens.
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    @Semmel yea sometimes my energy drops below a level that it makes my brain give no meaning to most simple things. (for example, there is "body" written there but my brain thinks its not "body") when that happens I simply go to sleep.
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