Hey all,

I’m starting as a full stack dev and trying out a bunch of stacks (node, flask, java...) not sure how to really go on a path that can make me a good full stack developer for mobile apps.

I would appreciate if you could suggest me any learning resource or any tool to get started with mastering full stack!! :)

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    so what's your background? what are you good at dev wise at this moment?
    What's your experience level with webdev?
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    Welcome to DevRant 😁

    If you're starting out in Mobile apps and coming from JS I usually recommend react native since it's easy and crossplatform.

    As for tools, I've used react-native-html and builderx for UI but they're underwhelming and pretty buggy.

    This came out recently: www.crane.ai
    I tried out their beta and it's amazing, you start with a design in your tool of choice, and it handles almost everything from creating your app UI, writing handlers, building a backend, scaffolding, deploying at scale, etc., I would highly recommend it! It automates a lot of the stuff I hated doing when I first started out doing full stack work.
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    @heyheni thanks for the reply. I have 1 year of experience working with node(backend) and good understanding of javascript, but i have very low experience in creating full stack apps in mobile.

    good dev wise as in like able to go design the web page through making secure rest api in backend to store the information in database.
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