I really do like Flutter/Dart but I just cannot be the only who thinks that the way to create several nested components/widgets is even close to somewhat readable, what the fu** Google.

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    @irene sounds like you're not in bed with markdown 😂
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    Well at least it's not ambiguous.
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    You don't need to nest everything in one build. You can can make every part of the widget as a variable and assemble them together or create custom widget classes if you plan to reuse them multiple times.

    For example you can do:
    var text = Text(
    style: TextStyle(...),

    and then
    ... return Container(child: text);
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    Anyway, I like nesting too 😌
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    @irene @michezio Yeah, that's definitely the way I'd write my code if I had to use Flutter/Dart 👍
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