I'm in school, next lession is gonna be programming exercise with c#, soooo gonna log into my linux home server and do some stuff Xd

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    ...or pay attention and you might learn something?
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    @AlmondSauce I take notes of the topic and do it at home in python
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    @Besi You might not like Microsoft, but there's nothing wrong with learning C#. It's not a bad language.
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    @AlmondSauce Well, I do agree on that I should not care what language I use for learning the main principles, It's just why can't we use our preffered stack?
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    @Besi learning other languages can sometimes let you see how stuff work another way, and c# can run on linux with .net core now
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    @Besi You can't do that in the real world, so don't get used to doing it in school!
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    Hm, even if I can't agree with everything, thanks for the advices, I'll actually think about these things.
    Just wanna say a big thanks for this community, have been reading a lot, but this is my first day writing here and I can feel that this is a great place :)
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    Yep gamers, this is epic. School system totally owned.
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