Me: don't limit yourself! Learn more than one thing, experiment and learn more.

Devrant: don't use x. X is a piece of shit and its not worth it. This is better, and you are wrong.

I hate highly opinionated people. Devrant seems to be full of them.

I seriously believe this is why people like AlexDelarge left. Sooo many punchable motherfuckers up in this bitch man.

"Fucking leave then" ----> go fuck yourself. This platform is great. Some of y'all are great. Having frustrated virgins lurking around does not mean that all of us that like fucking around in here needs to leave.

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    I think people take the "rant' part of DevRant to mean that they can openly act like dicks under the guise of letting off steam or how devs are supposed to act here.

    I find it incredibly disappointing that we can't nurture an atmosphere of teaching and learning for like minded people here.
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    You might be onto something here, but I know I’m of the “Learn all the things trade”, regardless if X is shit or not, X could be shit, but that doesn’t make Y better.
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    Wasn't Alex highly opinionated? I thought that's why he ranted so much
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    @con-fig i concur. Part of what makes this place so great is that it does not have the reddir/so mentality of completely acting out on dickness. I really wish people were more open minded here.
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    @C0D4 same here. I am also not in the business of shitting on the things that people like that don't affect me.

    Even then. The people that complain on being affected do it from very mild shit
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    @devrocket if you talked to the dude he was pretty open minded. He was loud as fuck tho, but open minded. The only case in which the dude would not calm was if one was just blatantly wrong.

    Sure. He had shit he did not like, but it would normally fall under the category of dealing with shit made from some retarded programmer.
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    *grabs popcorn*
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    Its just the way (sadly) how many devs are.
    First reaction they see code they dont understand?: "This sucks".
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    @musician this is how people are..something new, it must be shit..cuz they're afraid of changes and unfamiliar things..
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    Or could it be that most of the technology we have actually IS shit and these are valid opinions? 🤔
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    @musician many devs may see it like this, but there are still devs and on-going devs who find this part of their job pretty interesting
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    That is why you probably said "many"
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    @musician or first time they see something that takes them out of their comfort zone as well. Its a pretty silly attitude
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    @devios1 criticism is certainly valid, or else we would not find improvements. So yes my dude it is certainly valid in the sense of criticism. It is not however productive to simply call it shit over personal preference. Most of the people that I refer to would normally find one thing they don't like and just call it shit. Something not having something we like is not automatically shit or poorly made. Specially in the area of frameworks and programming languages.
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    @AleCx04 I agree you shouldn't talk smack without being able to back it up. But I can also see value in warning people not to use certain things because you believe them to be shitty.

    If you're just complaining about everything then you're a troll and not helping matters, unless you have the means to put your code where your mouth is and come up with a better way yourself. 🙂
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    Then I guess you hate me as well :)
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    @linuxxx i don't follow your posts my dude :V other than the constant security thingy i dunno what you normally talk about
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    @AleCx04 I talk about work things sometimes but mostly my projects and security/privacy related stuff.

    If I hate on something, I do bring loads of arguments, though.
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