Doot doot.

My day: Eight lines of refactoring around a 10-character fix for a minor production issue. Some tests. Lots of bloody phone calls and conference calls filled with me laughing and getting talked over. Why? Read on.

My boss's day: Trying very very hard to pin random shit on me (and failing because I'm awesome and fuck him). Six hours of drama and freaking out and chewing and yelling that the whole system is broken because of that minor issue. No reading, lots of misunderstanding, lots of panic. Three-way called me specifically to bitch out another coworker in front of me. (Coworker wasn't really in the wrong.) Called a contractor to his house for testing. Finally learned that everything works perfectly in QA (duh, I fixed it hours ago). Desperately waited for me to push to prod. Didn't care enough to do production tests afterwards.

My day afterwards: hey, this Cloudinary transform feature sounds fun! Oh look, I'm done already. Boo. Ask boss for update. Tests still aren't finished. Okay, whatever. Time for bed.

what a joke.

Oh, I talked to the accountant after all of this bullshit happened. Apparently everyone that has quit in the last six years has done so specifically because of the boss. Every. single. person.

I told him it was going to happen again.

I also told him the boss is a druggie with a taste for psychedelics. (It came up in conversation. Absolutely true, too.) It's hilarious because the company lawyer is the accountant's brother.

So stupid.

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    I'm going to bed.
    All of this stupidity has given me a terrible headache.
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    Reading your rants makes me wonder how we ever got anywhere as a species if people like your boss can get to positions of authority.

    Here's hoping you find a new job soon!
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    @RememberMe Tolerance of stupidity, I guess? 😅

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    @RememberMe I guess tolerant people like @Root are the people who carried our species forward. even with shitty bosses.
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    Your experience with him should be used by freelancing platforms to show the evil and horrifying "other side", similar to how "that one privacy site" does. (pic)

    On another note I am not sure how long I would have lasted, not losing it some day to just drive a keyboard through his skull.
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    @Admin-who or maybe there was just more people that helped to darwin/annihilate the others.
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    @Root why do you even still work for this kind of douchebag? 🤔
    Boss should be there to motivate people and lead example, not to undermine their effort and put blame on them..
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    @stillwater Almost everything is verbal (since he can't type worth a damn).

    Really though, I don't have to do anything to screw him over other than leave. I'm the only developer, and he hasn't even been looking for another.
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    @stillwater I should be able to get a 20-30% raise anywhere else. So.

    I'd rather just leave lol
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    @hash-table Truth. But my parents were much worse.

    Im going to walk out on him just like I did with them. 😊
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    Seems like you guys are not very good at communicating.
    Reading these rants make me realize how good my supervisors are.
    One of my friend got fired from his job Because QA fucked and uper management blamed him for fuck up.
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    @TRex I'm okay at it.
    Quite good when written, and as a remote dev almost everything is written.

    The boss has next to zero reading comprehension, and actively avoids reading anything I write. Instead, he prefers to speculate and invent -- especially he's angry. He is exceedingly poor at communication, which is surprising because he's a salesman. He does like to blame and chew people out over things (related or not) when things go poorly or when he's angry. That coupled with coupled with the above leads to a very horrible working environment.
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    @Root if you're from India try applying for senior dev position at crossover.com it's a subsidery of devfactory they pay 30$/hour for senior dev position. There is nothing to lose. 90% of their management is sane
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    @TRex Thanks for the recommendation! I live in the states though.
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    @Root you're in the States? You do know the labor market is tight, and you can walk and find a new job fairly quickly, right?
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    I did and I am 😊
    See my more recent rants.

    I flipped them the bird three weeks before the busiest time of the year (nicely, though), and left them without any developers.

    Have not looked back.
    It feels absolutely *wonderful!*

    My 10k-word leaving doc for the next dev outlines all of the hell they're inheriting, and a few hidden refs to how awful the environment and pace is. (Three envelopes, never having time for maintenance or stability, features supplanting bugfixes, ...).
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    @Root congratulations! I'm still catching up on my reading. Hope you find something meaningful, challenging, and rewarding, and with a boss who isn't a jerk.
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    @iAmNaN Thanks! Me too.
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