Sure, WhatsApp. It's not like humans have been using the 12-hour format for literal millenniums. Change it to this weird English format with no apparent way to change it back. Thanks.

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    I think it would be clearer written as: 18:33 P.M. in the evening".
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    What was wrong with just putting PM, I feel sorry for the poor guy who has had to implement that, no doubt he has had to do “in the morning” and “in the afternoon” as well
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    @jibberdev919 Probably more than that as you would probably have an if or switch statement based on the time of day

    At the end of the day is unnecessary code
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    @jibberdev919 nobody needs this deviation from the standard PERIOD
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    @jibberdev919 no, there are locale-based standards that everyone agrees upon and understands, with time format utilities that will automatically handle such things for you. Regardless of whether "in the evening" works for some people, it is not the standardized way.
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