To the sysadmins:
We are currently installing and configuring dns, dhcp, smb, ftp and webserver on Ubuntu vms in class.
The teacher changed his mind and want us to install a system that has everything installed and configured.
He recommended Zentyal to us.
What would you use and why would you use it?

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    It's great and it works fine, but I'm afraid you'll miss out by using a system with presets and pre-configurations in place instead of configuring each of them manually (and in process, learning more about each of those components or how to troubleshoot them).

    Another great solution is "Proxmox".
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    Doesn't ubuntu server have all of those already?
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    @Ximidar God, I hope not. I know it has LXD installed out of the box which is definitely overreaching IMO
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    I did it the pure linux way.
    Dropped the zentyal system, because it would not work.
    Now I have the dns, dhcp and webserver running on an ubuntu host and tested these servers with a win7 client. Works great so far.
    I will add samba and ftp to it in the next days.
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    Everything seems to be working now.
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