Seasonal depression is starting to kick in. I'm feeling like I'm not doing good, whenever I ask for help with code people usually just rewrite all of it when they fix it so I feel like I'm not improving at all. I'm almost to the point in my life where I have to move out and be on my own I'm 19 I still have about 2 more years but it's so stressful. My room is the most comfy place for me I cant be away too long or I'll just get depressed so how am i supposed to find somewhere i like more? And what would I even use the other rooms for. I want a roommate (particularly a friend of mine) but I'm not even out there and I can see the future depression I'm gettin myself into with all the Bill's and jobs and shit, and college doesnt help with stress or depression at all. I probably shouldnt worry about that right now but i just cant help it.. it goes by too fast fuck.

Sorry guys this is the only real outlet for my feelings nowadays

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    Moving out isn't as stressful as they make it seem. Sure it takes some adjusting, but unless you've cut ties with your parents (don't, bad idea) they're just a phonecall away with any questions you might have. Have your bills automatically drawn from your account and all you have to worry about is that there's enough money in there for them to withdraw. If you can smile and treat others with kindness I've found other people to be very helpful with all your 'new to this adult thing' questions too. Depression is tough, don't be afraid to seek help. Don't give up, keep on going, one foot in front of the other, and you'll be fine.
    Sincerely, someone who was where you are a year ago.
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    @Elyz exactly. And additionally, OP: please do feel free to vent here :)
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    Rewrites are OK but only if they explain your mistakes and why they want to rewrite it. Then they should do it with you together. Maybe ask them if you could sit with them the next time if they want to rewrite something. And venting here is the perfect place. It's a realy nice community.

    I agree that moving out is something which is scary for some, but for me it was like pure freedom, although I had no problems at home. I just can recommend to be careful with buying stuff with repeated paiments like phones.
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    Never apologise for venting here, this is what the community is for!

    You're 19, you're still really young with the world ahead of you. There's no rush with these things; it takes time to hone your development skills! If someone is rewriting your code to make it work, ask if they wouldn't mind explaining exactly what they're doing so you can understand how it works, and (more importantly) ask them if they can work out why your original approach *didn't* work. If you keep doing that, you'll definitely get there.

    And as others have said very well before me, depression isn't to be taken lightly, so don't be afraid to reach out and get medical help. Certainly never anything wrong with doing that, and it can really help.
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    Whenever I feel like this, I just join some good online course, study like mad, do more excercise, avoid negative people, eat the food I like and do not think anything else for about two weeks. I generally come out much better or I repeat.
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    I feel the same. I don't think depression is necessarily bad thing because you will always be a better person when you get out of it. But when you have to all your assignments and exams it can be really tough to get out from it. My solution was to calling my parent whenever I feel down and make a to-do for all things I need to do. Then just do these and eventually you get better. You may feel to tired to do them but try to do as much as you can. Even though you can't finish it right now some progress will make you feel even better.
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    From a man with a constant lingering depression and case of high anxiety, keep yourself extraordinarily busy. Fight back on your code at work/school, have enough pride in what you do if you want others to see its worth. I work in a high stress, competitive office and I have learned to respectfully hold my own amongst other intelligent people. Otherwise, in an environment of engineers, you will be trampled. That’s just the way it is often in this field.
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    Go visit a shrink. Pills works great when carefully selected. You're rather young, you shouldn't have to take anything strong. It helps. Really.
    I'm dealing with depression for a quite long time. Before I went to the doctor, I got kicked out of college. But now, I have stable job and nice live perspectives. It's worth to try.

    Btw, it's 4th day in a row when I tell someone to visit shrink ;p
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