Serverless is like our Hoverboard. It's not "no server" and its not "a board that hovers".

Whoever comes up with these names deserves a medal for trolling the tech world.

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    The problem is I really *like* "serverless" as a technology / idea - the notion that you don't need to maintain a server, only need to pay for compute time when you're using it, and can effortlessly, arbitrarily scale up to whatever level you want to is awesome. It should be heavily standardised and used widely, IMHO.

    ...but it's an awful name, and that immediately puts people off, because they just assume it's some nonsense marketing drivel. "Function as a service" (FaaS) is a much better way of putting it, but it's not as catchy, so no-one uses it...
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    I had a meeting where ppl were saying "its not in the database, its in the cloud somewhere" and their IT head was mumbling "its in the database" with a "fuck my life" face...
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    @hell Sounds like my last meeting.
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    Torrents 🤔
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    @Gregozor2121 Torrents just means there's *lots* of servers.
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