So I learned something today. Always disable guest sessions in your Linux machine in a work environment.

Walked away from my pc to talk to a fellow Linux engineer.

Came back to a screen with pornhub and porn playing.

"wait how the hell? I locked my pc...?!?"

"ever heard of guest sessions mate? 😆"


*silently disables guest sessions*

Well okay learned that one the hard way 😅

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    well yea or someone finds out that your boot order allows USB over harddisk 😂 had someone with tails on my laptop with some kid shows like teletubbies etc ;-)
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    @demiko I just saw a girl with......nevermind.

    I didn't know how fast I had to click that thing away!
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    @demiko I think so actually 😓. Did not think about that one, thanks!
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    Sure did learn that lesson "the hard way"
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    Fun team.... I don't have one...😢
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    @linuxxx This is pretty off-topic but I'm just curious as to which distro you use?
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    At work you mean? @simo002m
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    @linuxxx I've been following your recent rents about how you're a self taught Linux engineer and got a job where you are learning some new stuff (that porn incident). Can you please guide me to the correct resources to learn Linux?
    I'm a self taught web developer and I'm pretty good at it and my Linux knowledge is very limited so consider me as beginner.
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    Try to look into general CLI (Command Line Interface) stuffs. Next to that just try and try and try and try with everything that linux has to offer! From compiling stuff from scratch to creating servers to writing bash scripts etc etc etc. It's a too vast subject to simply answer :) @spoonsearch But don't hestitate to ask me questions!
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    @spoonsearch The first step is using Linux as your main OS, every day.
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    @linuxxx At work and for private use, what's your favorite though?
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    @simo002m At work I use Mint currently and for personal use I use Deepin and Mint as well currently :). My favourite... not sure abou that one :/
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    @linuxxx Oh neat I used to use Mint as well, it's a really nice distro. Did you ever try stuff like Arch or Gentoo though? Just curious
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    @simo002m I've tried Arch many times! I love it but installing it on this laptop is a fucking pain! Gentoo not yet but planning on :D
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    @linuxxx Oh, okay, is it a macbook or something? xD
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    @simo002m Nahh a usual PC haha :P. Got a company laptop as well which runs Ubuntu :)
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    @linuxxx & @bittersweet thank you for your advice, I'm going to install Linux for my day to day use.
    I've been using Ubuntu in my college for quite some time, which distro should I install for personal use?
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    @spoonsearch Mint if you want to stay productive (doesn't break easily), Arch if you want to learn a lot (DIY & customizable)
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    @bittersweet I think I'll go with mint. 🙂
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    @billgates why would anyone want to get his job into danger
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    @demiko Antergos always crashes mid install for me and Manjaro has major issues with UEFI which my whole laptop runs on :/
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    @demiko Arch isn't uefi compatible I guess?
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    @demiko Tbh I've got no clue if my system is bios or uefi based but it always fails for arch 😅
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    @oxybound it said i needed a grub2 package installed or something....
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    @demiko yeah... Had to install it on my arch partition. Which i couldn't boot because of that issue...
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    @demiko Any idea?
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    @runfrodorun I like it for when someone asks to use your laptop. But will also give it a pw so the op story doesn't repeats
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    @linuxxx Installing Arch is a pain the a**. You need the installer disk. Boot the installer, setup partitions (don't forget EFI), mount partitions, install, SET ROOT PASS, INSTALL GRUB, INSTALL refind-efi, INSTALL REFIND, reboot into new installation.
    Hope I didn't miss something.
    ;) Good luck!
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    @penderis Even your username implies penis 🤣
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    @Koolstr and I try to live up to that as best I can. Thank you for noticing.
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