Friend: "Does JSON internally use XML" 🤔?

Me: 😑

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    In my last place, when i was trying to introduce mongodb to my manager, 'senior guy', actually said this thing must be slow as hell and the underline must be converting aggregations to SQLs.... the fck I submitted my resume to more than 10 companies that night, wanted to get out of there asap before my brain degrades.
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    Maybe @Json do. Who knows.
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    Everybody knows it uses Excel underneath 🤫
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    <json>The json string</json>
    Now it does.
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    "Does AI internally use if-else?" is the more interesting question. 😁
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    {"key": "<val>5</val>"} -- another way of internal XML in JSON ;)
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    Slow clap for that person
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    Wtf ? It is a legit statement, why do you have the urge to pummel the curious one to the ground ?

    Just explain him/her that it is not, simply making fun of it will make you toxic more than you are. Hey, we need to make lives of each other better, not worse 🙂
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