Today I was refactoring code with 10 levels of indentation. Java 8.
Each one is a block which spans multiple lines, that makes the outer ones hundreds of lines long.

This should be forbidden: () -> { ... }

If you don't understand why, please never send me any code.

PS: intellij shows multiple errors on each line.

PPS: my colleague should be happy that I do not use swear words.

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    Sounds like you are used to corporate java but ok
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    what should be allowed is ( . ) ( . )
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    You should start using swear words

    They're great and actually help relieve pain!
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    @ganjaman @jibberdev919
    The only thing I do is to say to my trainee: "oh man, look at this code! It's so dumb because of [mutable list, wrongly implemented hashCode(), ... ] etc etc..."

    It's already a relief to talk to someone about bad code. And yes, my trainee is already better than that other colleague. That other colleague is an external supplier btw...
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    @jibberdev919 haha, in our company it's most of the time funny made-up swearwords
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    @SecFreak yes they are.

    But not nested and spanning 80 lines each
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