Is there any good, developer-friendly alternative to WordPress? So sick of plugins that have no API documentation and still use SVN. Working with PHP is seriously the least of my complaints with WP.

Favorite CMS right now is Lektor but it’s not designed for use with clients and I haven’t figured out a quick solution to make it work for that use case. It’s also very lacking in features, so only suitable for very basic content.

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    I used to use ModX before going into ecommerce.

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    Have you looked at October CMS?

    It seems pretty awesome and it's based on Laravel.

    I haven't done much PHP in a while so I can't say it's really good but it sure seems promising.

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    ModX, as mentioned above, is a fairly good one after the initial setup.

    It's either that or Expression Engine or Joomla.

    And, oy vey, *gag*... SVN. *gag* Home of a trunk the size of an elephant.
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    I really enjoyed grav.

    It's very nice how you can decide what the CMS (or user) can select (i.e. Colors, menu items, logo, etc...) of what you want to hard code very easily.
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    @imerljak, October CMS looks really really good. Thank you!
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    @benj, grav looks amazing as well. Thank you!
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    Expression Engine just went open source, btw. I'm sure it's to encourage more sales of the service model and community add-ons - but that's understandable, and a nice move to have more devs gravitate towards them.

    I've also been told that it's a bit more secure than WP, but then again I haven't tried to "break" it. lol

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    Reviewing these, looks like expression engine and october look the best. The october ajax framework looks really neat. Grav sounds great but seems to require users to use markdown, which is better as an option than a default.
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    @rchristian in my experience it was actually a huge advantage.

    There's a nice little editor that let you wrote markdown without knowing markdown.

    The issue I had with something else like tinymce is that the user could add a lot of inline styling that conflicted with the global site's theme. If the project is a freelance thing the markdown can be a limitation. On the other hand if the site is an internal site that you are in charge to manage but you want other people to enter content without messing up the style markdown is heaven-sent!
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