Closed source software.

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    @irene I’m struggling but I think it’s the whole fenced off half done project?
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    @C0D4 the fence is unfinished too :)
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    @irene sorry if I offended you but this bench is sitting there locked on the tram stop near the biggest mall in city for more then three months. Nobody can sit on it and people who are getting out from tram need to watch out to not hit the fence that protects part of it.

    I was thinking about finishing it just for fun by myself but then I thought I would probably be arrested and sued by city council.

    That’s the same reasons we can’t fix windows even if we paid for it ( ex in taxes)
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    @irene solving problems between micro services and architecture probably made my thinking hard to follow recently 😂
    Thanks for pointing this out.
    To much code to handle and so little time.
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    Poland, Warsaw, rondo Babka?
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    @mt3o guilty
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