Who said MS Edge was dead? Microsoft just announced that they plan to heavily support the Chromium project and "move to a Chromium-compatible web platform for Microsoft Edge on the desktop".

Source: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsex...

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    Smart move. Like 500% more people for Microsoft to work on the browser that way.
    Hope Mozilla can keep up.
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    @jespersh It was the lazy move. Firefox is now doomed to fall. I'm quite a MS proponent but the choice to go with Chromium was terrible. Instead of coping with Firefox, which could have had the protential to kick Chrome off their (Windows-)monopoly, they are now responsible for making anything that is implemented in Chromium (Google) the de-facto web standard. Sad...
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    Hur hur hur hur
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    @inaba Windows com windowsex too heueheuehuehue
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