Mac: you have to reboot for updates

Me: ok

Mac: ... ... (It didn't start anymore)

Work project was there and I did not push :(

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    That's rough man 😬😬

    Welcome to devRant though!
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    @M1sf3t no, I had to use another mac to get those files
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    Me before any update..
    Push to git
    Create a local back just in case
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    but yeah, Windows updates are the worst
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    @qwwerty but it's way easier to get a backup system, access your files and in most cases, to take out the hard drive and put it into another pc that have working OS.
    And imagine that with linux you could just boot from older kernel, or copy your files out thx to booting into /bin/bash
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    @qwwerty Absolutely "force update" i hate this.. :/
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    @mt3o I'm not saying the windows are better or antyhing. Just that i see ton of hate only against windows and then (who would ever expect that) hear that other platforms can experience failures during updates too.

    btw taking the drive out and running it on different computer worked for me since Win7 every time (unless there was a serious driver issue or the system damaged by user).

    ofc linux way of having /home on different drive and just mount it to whatever system you currently install rules.
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    @qwwerty switching drives works with windows professional, with lower licenses - it won't. Still, this is nothing compared to osx where it's even impossible to take the hdd out.
    If you want to compare the difficulty of bringing the data back to life its osx<Windows<linux. Regarding update annoyance its windows > osx>linux. For last 15 years when I had problems with updating Linux, it was because I used bleeding edge packages, outside of gentoo portage, debian sid, or from yaourt on archlinux. Linux neve forced me to reboot. Kernel updates are painless. I could be unaware of them. Osx never forced me to reboot. It never forced me to upgrade to newer OS version. On windows - last update broke ability to assign custom programs to open file types. Tons of people lost their data. And it wasn't update like Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 or xp to win7, it was regular, common update. Windows updates came out twice a month and require restart.
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    Oh, not so long ago i had to rescue data from broken windows pc. It broke during update, damaging the MFT of NTFS 😂 undoable without pricey commercial software.
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    Ah damn those Windows updates.
    Oh wait.
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    @mt3o try TestDisk next time. Free and opensource. MFT mirror usually survives, so its recovery is fast and easy. Did all my MFT repairs with this tool. https://cgsecurity.org/wiki/...
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    @qwwerty thx. I think I tried, but failed with this and other tools, then started asking questions, one of my friends helped me with the tool he uses for his clients. Next time I will spend not much time with TestDisk.
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