Does Professional Scrum Master certification add any value to a devs profile? I am asking because I failed in the first attempt. 😟

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    Depends on the place. My employer recently fired all people with only the scrum Master role and replaced in the teams with devs that were certified. I refuse to do it on principle. The currently unpopular principle that scrum is a ridiculous, frustrating, stupid way of doing pretty much anything. That should give a hint of what I think of the certification. However, can my opinion is very much in the minority amongst those who do the hiring.
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    It does if you're leaning toward the management path.
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    Just an update, passed in the re attempt :D
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    Any paper, itself, tells nothing. It shows that you have the certificate, nothing more. More important is, if you follow the rules you were thought and inspire other people to follow those rules. Whether you follow them strictly and blindly, or use them in a flexible, adaptive manner. But for that - there are no certificates.
    Its even hard to call it experience, which in most cases is measured in years, and that - tells nothing about real experience.
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