Damn i wonder why F13 was so important in keyboard.

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    Old mac keyboards have up to f15. The HID standard has key codes for up to f24 (which I believe was a thing on very old systems). The more you know :)
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    I once had an old AS/400 keyboard that had two rows of function keys and went up to F24.
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    because it's prime
    primes are cool
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    Shift + F1
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    Thats why Windows still has backwards-compatibility support all the way up to f24...

    You can easily see people using that in AutoHotKey scripts
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    @filthyranter didn't knew!

    Is it real?
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    It goes back to CLI driven applications /terminals

    Instead of printing out multiple menu labels, which would consume a Lot of horizontal space, the pressing of FN plus X is used for menu access. After pressing F plus X the corresponding menu label was printed....

    These programs still exist today - dating sometimes back to DOS. So think back to good old 16 color displays and 800 x 600... Or smaller.
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