Just switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux

Glad to see that I can do something (like web search) without bugs, crash, freeze and lag

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    I do wonder what people install to make their computers turn into turds
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    ^ Windows
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    @jespersh agreed. I have linux machines that turn into turds because of the shit that I put in them.

    People be saying this as if it were a Windows only thing.
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    Ive switched from win10 to linux(kubuntu) before, i loved it at first couple of months then it just shat and never rebooted ever again with abssolutely zero error codes(just logo, then blank), this is new ssd btw and it ran win10 flawlessly before it never had crashes, and i only ever used it for web dev, ive tried recovery mode, fcsk etc.. and none worked, it was a nightmare as i have deadline project that weekend and i have no available usb stick to live cd in, thankfully i have a unplugged hard drive with windows in it. And it has saved the day
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    I am also thinking to switch from Window to linux....which one should i choose 🤔🤔
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    @jespersh Just Windows.
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    @iamrp just taken one and if you don't like it try the next. That's the fun part. BTW I started with Debian, has a big community and is rock solid but also suuuuuper slow
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    Funny, I run both Manjaro and Win10 and Manjaro keeps freezing randomly whenever I plug in an external WiFi adapter
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    @RememberMe it always baffles me why this kind of things are still an issue in 2018
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    @RememberMe mh, I never had a problem with Manjaro 🤔
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