I am traumatized a bit by seeing so many web applications being "hacked" together by WP integrators.

We see a lot of shit applications when companies knock on our door to have a look at their "sick" systems built on shit like that.

Usually when we feel sorry for the company we stage it up. If freak WP applications had a proper debug log, the first line would read: [WARNING] Put me out of my misery. 😵

Worst of all is that usually we could've built the webapp for half the price the customer spent originally with a proper framework and architecture.

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    Imagine what it will be like in the future when tools will be available for business users to build their own applications without any knowledge of programming. Scary.

    Hopefully that future is far off.
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    @shittywebdev Why would that be scary, that would be excellent...
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    Imagine the Frankencode it would produce.
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