It's a job description for an entry level Software Developer role at Apple.

Basically they want
- A Front end dev
- A back end dev
- An iOS expert
- A Gimp/photoshop designer
- A streaming data expert
- An Oracle/Teradata expert
- A Kafka expert ( Not shown in the picture)

And on top of that the guy should be able to learn new tech faster.

Do they want a developer or a fucking terminator?

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    @Mousey monthly
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    The people who write these either don't know the job or know they can be really selective due to the volume of applications.

    If they are desperate enough they will higher the best candidate, which may not meet the requirements.
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    So one of my friends gave me some of the best advice that has panned out to be quite true. If you have the skills for at least 2/5ths of what they require you can apply. You may not get it but having to learn new technologies is not unheard of, if you can meet some of the requirements you can learn the rest
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    Experience with the latest open source technologies... how ironic.

    I wonder where would be apple on it's own without open source software and PC hardware.
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    @Axis that’s very true. I know someone who got a job despite not meeting any requirements but one that she was super experienced in. Turned out that one thing mattered much more than the other 5.
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