The room automation (light, doors, music) of a "smart" Hotel owned by our company is still being processed by an API that runs on one of my ex-colleagues local machine. It has now officially been declared as a "server" and everyone just hopes it keeps working.

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    Tell what hotel it is...
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    move that machine to the smoking room and call it a cloud
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    That sounds an awful lot like a company I know... 😂
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    that's what happens when you say "works on my local" too much
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    Honestly, hardly surprising.

    Most places I’ve worked have hosted all manner of things on a spare box under a desk.

    One place had our internal portal and integration endpoint for 3rd party partners running on 2 boxes. Next to each other. Surrounded by other random towers. Hooked into identical model keyboards and mice. On the same desk.

    Oh the hilarity that was had when someone accidentally unplugged one of them and Raygun started screaming at us.
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    Until your colleague accidentally kicks the power cable 👍
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    Talk about a black box
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