> le server suddenly stops working, no boot, no POST, no beeps, no video
*le frantic cursing on how perhaps that's why the fucking thing was only €60 🤬*
*takes out RAM*
> le server still not booting
*places RAM back without doing anything else*
> le server boots up again

Is this what they mean with things like "compile it again and somehow the compiler will not complain anymore after a while"?

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    determinsm is only an illusion
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    *swears in French*
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    @Jilano merde!! Serveur, putain!!! MARCHE!!! 🤬
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    Calmez-vous, tout va bien
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    @lazyDev je suis chez devRant, je ne vais pas me calmer!!! 😤
    .. in all seriousness though, given that I've been awake for about 20 hours already, I'm too tired to be angry anymore.. at least the server's working again 😪
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    au moins la journée s'est terminée par une bonne nouvelle ;)

    Good luck
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    Have been repairing computers for over 10 years. Can confirm this and remove/reinsert bios battery are the most common two ways to deal with unknown causes.
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    Wait I've only just realised now... €60???
    Did you go to le Brussels Market of shadiness? Where did you find that an amazing deal?
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    I believe there is an actual term for that... Lemme ddg it
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    @lunorian my DNS is ded ni🅱️a 😢 it was part of the containers that are currently under maintenance. Made me realize pretty well how badly I need a second DNS server in my network for failover!

    @epse it was a guy that happened to live in my area that was selling it on Facebook actually. I don't know how legitimate a €100 decommissioning of such a server would be (which is ostensibly what he bought it for from a sysadmin that was decommissioning it from their DC) but at least that's the story behind it.. so a couple of months of use in his network, guy now has a NAS and wanted to get rid of it apparently. Regardless of the truth to that story, for me it was a pretty good deal 😁
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    60€? I want one
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    At least this one is explainable.
    "Percussive maintenance may have altered the resistive properties"
    Don't kick your shit and put the HDDs in a foam or something to stop vibration.
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    This already happened with me! Exactly the same thing. After taking of and putting the RAM again, it worked.

    Once at the uni (1997), a network were not working. I took of the cable, put it again, and nothing. My teacher at that time asked me to invert the cable ( put the connector of one machine on the other one) and it just worked.

    And once I was using the pc, everything working fine. I turned it off and remembered I had to get a file. I tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. No sounds, no display, fans began to spin and stopped again. I tried EVERYTHING but not worked. Frustrated, I just forgot about it for the weekend. On Monday, I touched the power button and everything worked fine!
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    Just like old consoles! You just have to blow the cartriges!
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    @Yvan verfram
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    @xalys but the painted RAM still doesn't work.
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