I swear there is something about thinkpads with linux and vim with dark solarized theme that makes me hard... well... you get the point

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    The Solarized theme really is amazing.

    I use it everywhere it's possible, including the desktop wallpaper, status bar, Firefox and all that stuff.

    So far haven't had any luck with Manjaro though.
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    When i saw solarized dark i fell in fucking love with it.

    Oh-my-zsh+powerlevel9k+solarized dark themed Tilix and you are fucking golden. The most beautiful terminal i have ever made. I use solarized dark everywhere i can. Even my fucking app nobody uses only me has solarized dark theme.
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    Hahahaha love the replies. Thought it was only me. If you look at it for a long time on a non-glare screen the corners of my screen get a little darkened by the natural contrast of the bluesg background...love it !
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