To improve our user's "experience" I suggested to my boss to add a status page showing...well, the current status of our services. Everybody was up for it, so I go off and implement a basic version + automated monitoring backend, get lots of positive feedback, all seems fine.

Then it starts:

Boss: "Can you get it all set up by this Saturday?"
Me: "Uh, today is Wednesday and I've never set up all the stuff needed on a proper server before"
Boss: "Well, you still have a few days. Please also contact your coworker to get it all hooked up in our launcher"
Me: "I'll try, can't make any promises though"

Contact my coworker and tell him what the plan is. I had already given him access to the repo and he is positive to get it all hooked up (I doubt he ever cloned my repo, let alone ran my code)

Spend all Friday getting my stuff set up on the production server, feeling pretty good thanks to the many tutorials.

Contact the boss Friday evening:
Me: "All up and running"
Boss: "Thanks, but we decided to go with a basic HTML page instead. We can just manually edit that, should be enough.
Me: "..."

In the end my stuff was never used, the server I set up was finally taken down a month ago. The gratitude you get when not hacking together some absolute shit that causes problems when you don't add <br/> tags at the correct places to prevent an ugly overflow, cause the coworker was too lazy to implement some form of line wrap in the launcher. I'm not saying my stuff is the best of the best, but at least it was professional looking to a certain extent.

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    I literally facepalmed at the time when your boss was like "Oh lol, we don't need your work. Just some simple ass shit."
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    @filthyranter Pretty much my reaction at the time
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    Same in every business so it seems.
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    I try to work at places where I can say "no, we are going to do this because it is the right thing to do". Or worst case blaber something about "flux capacitors not working otherwise". Just keep a poker face and do a grunt.
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    But it sounds like you learned a lot of new useful stuff. 😉
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    Maybe try to open source your code ?
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    @skonteam I might indeed do just that
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    @Paralax Wow! Well, I would for sure have a use for it.
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