Should i push some common sense to some people in the company ????

Both our QA, customer QA, our project manager and their project manager agreed to set a timeout of 400 ms after press interaction to buttons, images or list items, just to show the ripple and fade effects to the user.

I am implementing it, and the application obviously has become much sluggish. They will blame me when they actually see this, because 75 or 100 ms is pretty enough to show any effect and make the app fast enough.

They will want me to change it afterwards, i am completely sure. I wish i was there to emit some common sense to those homo not sapiens.

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    Can't you make the delay a variable so when they change their mind, all you have to do is adjust it?
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    @linuxxx Which is what i am doing, but unfortunately, another developer made the changes on them. I am responsible to merging it to master branch and polish it before it goes into main release, and guess what ?

    He not-surpisingly hardcoded the duration value everywhere, so i need to change 100+ different places. Not a good day.
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    @illegaldisease that's horrible. We have a directive with a debounce time. We only use it when we need to limit server request.
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