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    Did you mean: any modern web browser
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    @DrPitLazarus and the six Electron apps I'm running...
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    @EmberQuill holy crap, what are you running, a 256GB RAM workstation?
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    Modern web browsers use tons of memory for fast loading. They are supposed to give up memory by the os when other programs come take up memory. But they never do.

    Except IE. It gives up memory by crashing and restarting. But at least it does give up memory. People never consider that the feature it really is...
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    @Hubot-0x58 All javascript rendering + dom rendering engines are single threaded. And if an instance crashes, everything in it crashes. So yes. Each loaded tab should be running its own instance.

    My question is, when the tab isn’t viewed, does that instance get unloaded (saved to disk)? And why not? Why do videos run in background tabs...
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    You definitely need moar ram dude. Also, that picture's kickass.
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    Your fault for having only 4 GB only.
    Or due to opening several tabs knowing you only have 4GB.
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    Some memes are
    E V E R G R E E N
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