!dev just needed to rant...

Fox says their streaming Miss Universe is live from Thailand... It's 7:40PM here and it was delayed 40mins...

Google says it's 7:40AM in Thailand...

I can't tell if Fox is telling the truth or they are actually the biggest source of fake news and thinks everyone is too stupid to know

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    Why would you even watch such shit?
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    @electrineer well it's the only thing social on tonight and...

    -get to see the fashion/culture around the world
    -1st time in 4K/HD
    -I'm single
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    @billgates sounds like I'm not missing anything
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    LOL yeah single.. as if a model who announced herself to the world even considered any guy worth less than $10M.
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    @Fast-Nop well I mean there's no wife around getting at me
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    I guess biggest reason is that in just never watched this stuff in real HD before. At my parents home we had cable but it was SD. Now at my apartment, I have over the air HD and a 4k TV so it's like experiencing everything again I guess
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    @irene my dad bought it for me so just making the best of it.
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    Most “live” events are delayed Incase a mishap happens they have the response time to act accordingly. That doesn’t change the fact that fox is in fact shit, though.
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    I don't know if you are trolling or not my friend, wp!

    But correct me if I'm wrong, isn't there a 12 hour difference between the US (East coast time) and Thailand so that 7:00PM in the US would mean 7:00AM in Thailand and so both Fox and Google are correct?
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    @bioDan I mean how is even logical a have (night time in US) event being held at 7am local time in Thailand so that it can be live streamed. The whole audience, contestants and host would probably need to be switched over to US time beforehand (being awake at night and sleeping during the day) otherwise they all be half asleep?
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    Holy shit. My bad, I just seen the AM & PM, part of your rant. Crazy shit
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