Do you still buy paper (computer) books?

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    Sure...I personally prefer reading a book over reading something on a screen.
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    They're outdated the minute you buy them.
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    I've got a few standing in my shelf, but the dust on some show I'm too much of a SO user
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    That's also true...let's say it's good to get to know a technology from a book.@MadHatrix
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    still prefer paper to screen...
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    Yes, so much better than screen reading imo
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    I can't stand reading from a screen and am afraid to even move my Kindle, as the dust and UV discoloration marks probably sealed my attitude towards it on the desk forever... All my paper books on the other hand are battle worn, every page overflowing with dead-tree warmth, love and care. Ahhh... *sniffs deeply*
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    Yes. Bruce Eckles "Thinking in C++" and "Thinking in Java" are timeless, IMHO. And there is just something about holding that tangible heft of paper that keeps an IT person semi-grounded in the real world.
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    I prefer paper too. Paper is really thin in some books now which spoils it. (Art of Electronics springs to mind!)
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    Yes! Recently ordered getting started with Ecmascript 6! :-)
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    I prefer paper, just because paper book will sit at the shelf, and I will be reminded by it every now and then to read it.
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