Anyone into gaming here? Thinking of creating an open source pubg like game

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    Create a facebook-like website at the same go.
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    that is a big project. maybe start smaller ?
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    @wowotek very very big project indeed.

    @arunkumar413 Think of the absolute core elements of your game and prototype those first.
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    Agree. Making a detailed terrain is the difficult task. but it can be broken into smaller games first. Initially start with a small game where players can build terrains like pools, houses, garages, roads, cars, vehicles etc. Incrementally use that data to build the pubg like game. There are alredy some libraries to implement the physics, collision, ballistics etc.we make smaller games that build the objects for our bigger game.
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    I think pubg used the real world LIDAR data for creating the terrain .
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    @arunkumar413 terrain generation is either done via terrain editors in stuff like unreal engine or via procedural methods like Perlin noise and fractals.

    I think you might want to start with a big flat plane and implement basic player actions like movement and shooting first. Then add networking and figure out how to work with that number of players. Then add more weapons and crafting and what not.
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    @RememberMe is right: that's how small game studios build. Start from the bottom and slowly build up. Make sure everything is extensible enough to allow expanding later, because that will always happen.

    He's wrong about one very major point, however: Always always always build networking first. Always. It's easy to build first, but a huge nightmare to patch in later, and may require a partial rewrite to do well. Always do netcode and client/server first. It's an architecture, not a feature.
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    Fuck, I'm just making a simple angular app to get data from github, as a test to get a simple webdev just. I feel so dumb... 😅
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    @Root yeah I've never worked on a game with heavy networking so I wasn't sure where it sits in the list of priorities. I can imagine what kind of hell it would be to retrofit stuff, though. Thanks for clearing it up!
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    @RememberMe 😊
    Don't feel bad! Many indie game devs, and even some studios still don't get that one right.
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    Never worked on a game but player a lot of online shooters in my days. I acres wit @root that proper netcode wil make or brake a game. Nothing more frustrating than hitboxes not aligning with the player models. (Or rubberbanding or random disconnects)
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    Working on this these days 😝
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    Hey Arun ! I’m into game development.. use a lot of unreal engine :) would love to hear more about what you want to work on ..
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    It’s actually really awesome to see devRant having some game devs too :)
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    I wanted to create a terrian and topography similar to the one used in pubg. Initially i want to model objects like bricks, wood, doors, trees, rocks etc. Then build a small game so that users can use these smaller objects to build houses, buildings, huts, cities etc.@kappekp
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