I hope it's not a repost 😂

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    As a Java developer I also hate Java.... wait... That's not right
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    @D3add3d maybe you were force to use Java.
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    don't kill me buuut
    I actually like Java for some purposes
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    @error503 nah, I both love and hate Java 😂 I was not forced to learn Java... I am forcing others to learn Java 😈😂
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    @D3add3d you are a university professor. Rip
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    @techno848 no, I am a student at the FIT at CTU in Prague but I learned Java on my own waaaay before they even considered teaching programming in (Turbo) Pascal at the secondary grammar school I went to before uni 🙃 Java is ❤️
    I don't get why people hate it... they probably don't know it and/or what is possible to do with it. It can run any-fscking-where! :D Even on really tiny computers - one of which you probably have within hand's reach distance around you right now 😂

    PS: to clarify why I also hate it: It is insanely hard to explain to people that they just have to write `public static void main(String args[])` and not worry about what it means for the next 3 or so lessons when you are trying to teach them Java
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    This funny part is that js developer has no indentation?!
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