That awkward moment when your AliExpress package has travelled more countries than you ever have

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    We need to make human trafficking legal. Then I'm sure we will be visiting lots of cities annually :3

    // Sorry for my dark joke. No offense to anyone. I'm just full of darkness these days.
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    And still free shipping. How amazing is that!
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    @Traser It's so ridiculous that you can order a plastic whistle, it will travel 10,000 km, and still cost only $0.50. A true testament to the value of automation and worthlessness of unskilled human labor.
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    @Traser and no GST tooooo!
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    Despite of all these voyages, the package never arrives.
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    @bittersweet besides low manufacturing costs and almost no profit margin, they just ship efficiently. For example to Europe it will get on one of the tenths of airplanes whenever there is a place free. Adding one plastic whistle in the cargoroom is not even 0.01 euros.
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    @Codex404 Usually not even by plane. The bubblewrap envelope takes up a thousandth of a mailcrate, which takes up tiny corner of a shipping container, which takes a tiny corner of...
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    @bittersweet hmm from china to the netherlands it always has arrived with plane for me. It stays at the chinese airport for about two or three weeks before continuing.
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