If a team uses multiple languages and stacks (Have, JS, Python) do you think it's better to have everyone use/constantly switch between them or have dedicated developers for each language (ie. 80% main, 20% others)?


My boss likes keeping the team "will rounded" so everyone does everything. One month in working in Java, the next with Node web apps. When I switch to node, it takes like a week of "wtf doesn't it work.... what changed, is it a big?" And usually end it"oh right I remember I need to ..."

And also always... "How the fuck do I write tests in {some reading framework} again?"

So feels like everyone is just a generalist and no one is a master/has time to develop mastery. I don't know if it's just me (1/3 Senior developers on the team that has to do everything) or if I'm the only one that complains... Not that it makes a difference... (Only option to really be heard is to resign but I need to somewhere else to work and finding one is hard for personal reasons)

And well this is the biggest reason I would leave the team. No time for mastery, no standardization/shared knowledge (everyone does their own thing but probably not well and no time for testing or documentation; how the fuck does whatever you wrote work, how do we use it, what the fuck did you put in prod that does ... And where the fuck did you put it cuz it's not in ANY of our repos).

I always feel one day soon it will come crashing down and I can say "I told you so" but will then it's too late and I'll be there one cleaning it up... Again

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    @Cheeseus I updated the post, now it's clearer? I'm going back to sleep now..
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    I think it depends. Everyone likes different things. If you hate switching languages every month, it is ok I guess...just talk to your boss, maybe he will understand...
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    @billgates Nono, your rant is fine, I was just wondering what the hell is going on there, I find the whole thing of constantly switching stacks very weird.
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    It's wrong.

    While I'm against a SPOF in a project, aka one person decides everything, it isn't good practice too apply this to stack...

    In depth knowledge requires an amount of time you cannot gain without focus.
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    This is really me in nutshell.. One day doing PHP, next day node, then half day later Vue or other JS front framework along with blade, moustache, even nunjucks. I wonder what kind of benefits will we gain by doing this..
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