Am I doing something wrong or am I the only one not able to install anything on Pop! OS?
Googling doesn't find me this issue what so ever.

It always tells me about some dependencies and that it won't install them.
And then i have to do --reinstall, which either does it's job or tells me shit can't be downloaded.

Wtf is this shit? I love pop os but for gods sake let me install libsdl or wine or anything else!

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    Hmm, what kind of errors are you seeing? I have plain Ubuntu on my Oryx, and haven't had any trouble. I was under the impression that Pop! OS was completely identical to Ubuntu, except for some customizations to gnome. What repos are in your sources.list and sources.list.d?
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    @bahua i thought so, too.
    Never had issues with ubuntu, so i thought it's a pop os thing.
    sources.list only has ubuntu mirror. Going to check sources.list.d tho.
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    what's the program(s) you are trying to install?
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    @cursee libsdl2-dev, libpng-dev, gimp, aseprite, essentially every 2nd program i tried failed.

    I fixed it now by editing the sources.list correctly.
    I don't know why it was so fucked up initally, i never changed anything.
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    @nitwhiz installed the OS using ethernet or wifi?

    I had few issues with distros when installed with unstable connection :3

    Glad you got it working.

    POP is more stable if you compared with certain non-ubuntu distros in my experience :D
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