The challenge: a Dell Latitude XPi CD 133ST. It has a Pentium 133MHz, 32MB memory, and a 2GB HDD. I think I have some CD's with Mandrake from the late 90's. I hope. And mission impossible, an IBM Workpad z50 with a MIPS 4000 and 8MB split 50/50 between storage and program memory. Think that one will just be a large paper weight or door stop.

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    Oh dear.
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    iNsTaLl aRcH
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    @RememberMe Arch requires an x64. This Dell is a 90's era 32bit system with only a 2GB HDD and 32MB memory. There isn't a current distro that can bake that. Had to be an older distro made for that type of hardware. And it has to be installed from CD; no ethernet, and certainly not wireless, as far as I can tell. Of course, if it doesn't boot, that's all moot.
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    @iAmNaN I know, I was just propagating the Arch meme, lol

    I would actually love to have that kind of hardware to mess around with.
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    @RememberMe well, carry on then. 😁My first Linux box was a 286 with a 40MB HDD and 16MB of RAM, so I know it's doable. And it is actually charging after who knows how long it's been dormant.
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    @iAmNaN and my first Linux install was on a pentium 4 Northwood. Had no clue what it was at the time, heh. Not that I used it much, managed to fuck it up almost immediately and retreated back to Windows XP.

    First processor was an AMD K6 though so still decent.

    I think I should try seeing if any offices or something have really old hardware lying around. Who knows.
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    It's alive! It's ALIVE!! It LIVES!!!
    <crackle boom crackle crackle boom!>
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    @FrodoSwaggins nope. Gonna make it work. It has a couple of AA bats in it that have leaked a little, though. Should be fun to mess with, if it boots.
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    Reminded me of this scene

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    @hell 😂 yep. Old games like Impossible Mission and Mystic.
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    The question is : what for?

    You will not do anything productive on them anyway.

    Better donate them to a computer museum.

    Btw : Gentoo can be installed 32 bits only. If you have a more modern machine that you can use as distccd host... 😉
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    It won't be alive for long though as you installed one of the crappiest windows versions that ever existed.
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    I still use an old W95 laptop with 486/100Mhz CPU, some 700Mb of RAM, and something like a 600Mb HD, just enough to squeeze Visual Studio on..
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    @Yamakuzure because I can. 😉
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    @CodeMasterAlex ME is what was on it. May use it for old side scrollers, or change it to OS/2, or install Mandrake, or who knows what. The fact that it came back to life after who knows how long is pretty cool.
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    @iAmNaN yeah that's cool indeed!
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    @iAmNaN That's a rather fruitless reason. Fun, but without real gain. Trust me, I have done loads of things like that for the same reason. 😉

    As for WinME, it was the fastest and most stable of the DOS-Kernel based Windows variants.
    ... At least on my machines...
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    I saw linux on Atmega128

    If atmega can run it, everything can :D
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