Hello @everyone,

What is your favorite programming language?

And what else would fit to website programming besides HTML5 PhP CSS and MySQL?

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    JavaScript obviously?
    JavaScript - Wikipedia
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    use strict;
    use warnings;

    print <<EOF;
    content-type: text/html

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    Js, web dev need html and css, then you can combine them with most language you like (php, c#, js, java, etc)
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    PHP 💜
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    Rust in 2019
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    I like TypeScript very much, because it makes frontend coding much more productive and less prone to type errors.

    For backend is PHP (mostly OOP with Composer) my favourite. It is very neat and easy to run on lots of systems. BUT I hate how poorly structured the system API is. It was probably a kindergarden kid who yelled random names which they then used for the API functions...

    C gave me a great understanding about how memory management works.
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    I'm hoping to learn Elm this next year. Because it only uses pure functions, it always knows where you went wrong. This makes debugging more clear compared to, say, JavaScript.
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    Bootstrap - Angular - Java
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    @PrivateGER That's a pretty old PHP version... 🤔😉
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    @Cryteku i never, NEVER understood the case for angular. It's like you're mixing business logic with markup? How do you debug that?
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    For me it's pretty much standard node.js/React+redux+saga on frontend and Rest framework on backend
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    I just started learning React and I love it. Not a language tho, it's a JavaScript framework. If you don't know JavaScript I definitely recommend it, it's used everywhere and the elders say that there are more js libraries and frameworks than stars in the sky.
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    It is https://elm-lang.org/ for frontend and https://elixir-lang.org/ for backend. Being both functional PLs, it teaches you how to write better code. For elm, you will never see "undefined is not a function" error ever again.
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    Clojure, C
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