My 1.5 year old 1tb SSD just died unexpectedly. (Samsung EVO 850). It might be under warranty yet.

Fortunately the only data I lost was my debian install, some steam games, bookmarks, and a few unfinshed projects.

I kept everything important on a backup spinning drive -- which is also dying. Joy. But I might be able to save its data.

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    Rant: SSD.
    Tags: "hard drive failure"

    Pls don't kill me 😅
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    Hard drive.

    Not hard disk drive.

    So it's technically correct.
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    Git to the rescue. (At least for code, that's what I do)
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    @ewpratten Then I've been taught wrong, awesome to find out like this 😐
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    My Samsung Evo 840 also just randomly died. Suddenly bluescreen and from one second to the other I had an expensive brick in my pc.
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    I just got a 1tb 860 EVO a couple days ago. I hope that shit doesn't happen to me. (Typing this on the laptop it's in)
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    @Root sorry for your loss lol
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    @linuxxx Still a hard drive 😋 but for clarity I should say SSD.
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    That's pretty much why I keep my data in 3 locations (which I should really sync up more often though). That way, whenever a single drive/array fails or I want to change its filesystem or whatever, I can just replicate again from the other copies. Backups are very important so please consider investing in some extra drives for it! I've found WD Red to be a very reliable option for this purpose. They're not the fastest you can get (far from it) but they're built for NAS's and those kinds of things, with reliability in mind. Also, in mdadm RAID-0 with btrfs filesystem, I've noticed that 2 of those have a 300MB/s transfer speed in both directions, which is more than enough to saturate a 1Gbps link when they're in some kind of server, and give a pretty good hot supper to an average SATA SSD too when they're all on the same host. RAID-0 doesn't have any redundancy though, so always use it as a mirror of something else. Or consider RAID-5, that way you only need one more disk for parity to get the best of both worlds.
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    Looks like it may not be the drive, but the motherboard. That's good.

    SSD appears fine on another system.

    Still: Ugh.
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    Got this with 2 4tb drive in sync for backups, and a sync app.
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    My SanDisk 960gb SSD died in 9 months.
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    @Root Yeah, losing a motherboard isn't as bad as losing a drive, depending on what's on the drive obviously. Also depends on what kind of motherboard it is
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    I am worrying now about my second PC with 5 years old 840 EVO with 45TB written 😂
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    @kolaente git itself doesn't help anything
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    @electrineer yes, but it helps me sleep without worrying about loosing my projects because of a hard drive crash.
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    @kolaente @electrineer for code I guess it does? Not a proper substitute for backups though, as most system files are binary or otherwise non-text files. Git doesn't deal very well with that.. and apparently doesn't keep owner and group attributes either (which makes sense, considering that it has a nature of being distributed across a lot of different systems I guess). But for backing up code to some remote code vat, I guess it's suitable?
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    @Condor I am a smartass but git itself doesn't help. You need to push to another computer for it to work as a backup ;)
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    @infernalempress My board is like 10 years old.
    Got a new PSU for Christmas, and it was very difficult to install it due to a tiny cramped case. Seeing this, my girlfriend's dad gave me his old monster case (~40% larger) and mobo/cpu. It's a hand-me-down but marginally better than what I had (intel 2700k vs amd 8150). However, he had a dying psu while using it that possibly damaged the board. He simply replaced the board with a Killer that I bought him for Christmas,.so we don't know if it still works well or not.

    So I'm using a potentially unstable mobo with a potentially dying SSD. What could possibly go wrong? 😋

    I don't care about the mobo much, since I still have my previous one. But I'd cry if I lost my SSD. Not because data loss, but because I wouldn't have a desktop system for a month or two.

    I also don't want to spend money on new components right now because quit my job and I want some time off; the more purchases, the shorter the vacay. (Besides, my Bollinger career is capital-hungry!)
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    @Root Linux on a thumb drive for the rescue. Or a second hand hard drive.
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    @irene but can you explain why SSD is a drive? A drive has been something that makes something else spin.
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    @irene @linuxxx I say "hard drive" instead of "drive" to differentiate between them (primary mass-storage fixed drives) and e.g. DVD drives. SSD is a subclass, just as spinning magnetic fixed disks are.
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    @irene that doesn't explain anything. And I even realized it while writing.

    If there's no reason why it's called a drive, we could as well call it an optical disc or whatever else comes to our mind.
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    @irene hmm, thumb drive as a term outdates SSD. But why are memory card readers not drives, like optical disc drives?
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    @irene and how does this relate to the concept of electrical drive, if anyhow: https://circuitglobe.com/electrical...
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    @electrineer memory cards and stuff is really just eMMC flash.

    My guess is:

    A drive (usb or ssd or HDD) has a controller board inside and not just some flash memory like an SD card.
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    @hash-table @Root I’ve started building with Crucial brand SSDs and so far I’ve had considerably longer life spans there. I’ve had a few Samsung ssd’s fail over time and so far no Crucial SSD failures. And Crucial is cheaper?!

    I feel like Samsung is slipping. Their appliances are crap, their phones have gotten very meh, their drives seem to fail more... at the same time they probably sell the most so idk
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    @jeeper I certainly hate Samsung phones with their Knox crap 😕
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