I just don't have words.....

Yesterday I had message from our CEO, that one of our biggest and most important project's CEO have told her that there is spelling mistake in my email signature and people there will judge because of that.

PS: I had Enginner instead of Engineer in such small font that even no one even noticed in entire year not even me.(I don't even feel ashamed for that it was not intentional and it does not make me bad at what I do at my work)

I just want to ask you guys are people really that bad they judge based on spellings? and not on work and their dedication?
I think there will be thousand of people who can't even speak or write English but are more innovative.

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    I've never heard of anyone who cares about that kind of stuff. Plenty of my coworkers and the clients at work spell like shit but that doesn't make me take them less seriously. If you can still understand what they're trying to convey, it's a non-issue. Seems like a "I don't understand the technical stuff so I'm gonna point out what I do know" kind of management bs.
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    > are people really that bad they judge based

    > on spellings?

    We call those assholes. :-)

    Not just spelling either, if they can't get you for that, (Because you have learned to use a spell checker..) they will get you on grammar !

    Now I use a grammar checker..

    Then, if that is perfect, they will start on your use of punctuation..

    For example, when you type:

    Joke !

    Do you leave a space before the ! to make it more readable ?

    Some say yes, some say no..

    And finally, after all that, if your English is perfect, they will call you xenophobic..

    eg. some folk go out of their way to find fault no matter what you do.

    Probably just means they hate you and are looking for something to pin on you..

    As such, you might want to make sure you keep spelling something wrong, so they only focus on that and not find something worse to complain about !

    Also.. its a form of passive aggression, they will hope you will get angry and then make things worse for yourself..
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    A friend got hired in a company even though he called the female recruiter
    Dear Mr. <Name>

    I guess if you don't have 10 mistakes in your signature people just have a laugh and continue
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    @Nanos Indeed. Now I feel little cheered after reading that. Thanks!
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    I heavily judge people making mistakes if French or English is their native language, except when it's a typo. But yeah, if I were a recruiter that would definitely impact my opinion.
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    @ohemelaar Yea I would've even agreed if it was pointed out in interview or something. But still.....
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    The last resort of a stupid person that has nothing else to add to look smart is always criticising fiscals attributes when in person and spelling when over the internet.

    Really it just mean they have nothing bad to say, and they think of themselves a smart because of it.

    In this case, nothing else was being discussed so just take it as constructive feedback, say thanks and confirm the fix.

    But note that when discussing something entirely different and spelling comes up you have won the discussion.
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    "I know words, I have the best words, I have the best... Belive me folks"
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    I associate spelling mistakes with bad coders. Anecdotal evidence, but too strong to ignore. Sloppy writing feels similar to not doing self-review before pushing.
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    @matste Really? Tbh, we have a senior dev who cant write or even cant speak English properly but can code with Best Practices and optimized code better than half of our senior devs so I think it have 0 logic
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    @kleopi how progressive :P
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    Can you imagine how much free time that manager has that she noticed that kind of stuff? She either had your email opened for a whole day just to seem like she is working or she really hates you and went looking for a problem, either way trash person, she should have sent you an email to correct that just out of courtesy and go to your manager with that kind of a bitch attitude
    My 2 cents...
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