Spent a day debugging low volume of audio record
Just now found a cause of issue
And it was
Hardware fault
Mic in my OP5T is nearly dead after I dropped it recently
For fucks sake, why I didn't tested it in the first place

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    That's a pretty standard failure on the 5/5t and it's most of the time not caused by a dead mic but by software. Try to load a custom kernel like ElementalX or bluespark
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    For a moment I thought the cause was drums
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    @conorlburns I've used bluespark before that drop 🤔
    Interesting 🤔
    Anyway, I prefer oxygen and I don't like voice calls, mic is needed only for development and I have spare SGS8 for this purpose
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    @rostopira hm interesting bluespark should have fixed it *shrug*
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    @conorlburns I didn't tested it on bluespark, maybe it was ok
    I reflashed to stock and dropped just a hour later :D
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    This reminds me of the many times I turned the volume on my laptop way up, only to discover later that I forgot to unplug my headphones.
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    @cannonau opposite for me, just a few minutes ago turned on The Slaves on full volume in office with disconnected BT headset
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    @rostopira oh my this happened to me in school with my old Nexus 5 [hammerhead]. Fortunately the OnePlus 6t [fajita] turns down the media volume when anything disconnects.
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    @conorlburns even my first winmobile smartphone does that) I was talking about laptop, that was pretty loud
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    @rostopira ah ok that makes sense 😅
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