Long time no rant from me. Sorry guys, has been a tough time for me.

Little background: I'm an apprentice and as such definitely not a fully trained professional. I'm working in a big company with people who have very let's say interesting ideas what I should be able to do.

This whole disaster begins shortly after I started my apprenticeship. I was offered to choose my first little project. "Something from the backlog, not very challenging and a nice beginner one. It's just about a PoC" ok, le me thinks. I choose to make a weather display.
Basic functionality was provided within the next 3 weeks. My direct boss (let's call him Jo) liked it and talked to his boss (Hugo) about it. Hugo was so excited he called our product manager to get my plugin into our software asap and began to think about where else we could use this.
This is where shit went downhill. Hugo told me it was my task to implement it on a totally different platform and to "host it in azure". I don't know much about azure and I never used it. I told him that I'd need time and some kind of sandbox to try and learn how things work. He promised but nothing ever came through. Not even Jo could do something about this.
They told me I should write this asap because "every customer would LOOOOVE this" and I honestly can't think of a way to meet all their requirements without access to our azure system/ sandbox. (There are a lot of requirements)
Am I wrong? Should I be able to do this? I'm a fucking trainee. I don't know everything.

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    How would you be able to know this? You're a trainee, they should give you guidance and not expect you to know everything. a traineeship is about learning. Even as a trainee you should be able to figure some things out on your own, but they shouldn't expect you to be able to provide production ready features without assistance. Communicate clearly what you need from them to get the assistance you need. Best of luck!
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    A boss that says do it while ignoring your input is not a boss but an asshole
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    @CoffeeNcode thank you. I'm happy to learn everything out there but that's nearly impossible without guidance (as you said). I don't understand why they pressure me so much to provide production ready code but put so many stones in my way. For a good amount of time I wasn't even allowed to bother our senior web developer (who is responsible for everything azure related and a really good programmer) because "he has more important things to do"
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    @KittyMeowstika use phrases like "this is a major road block until YOU get me THIS", just try to convey that you're waiting on them to provide something to you because it is NEEDED for the project. It's the same way you got into your position except your boss is the one telling you he NEEDS you to add features
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    @beegC0de thanks. I will definitely try this
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    @KittyMeowstika I feel for you, when I worked for RES everything you had to work on was force feeded by your manager or sometimes even the CTO Bob Janssen ... Total egocentric asshole...

    Then when a task seemed out of your league they would use that to give you a bad review to work you out of the company. Even tho you informed them beforehand you were not fit for the task...

    I decided to never work for people that do not respect me as an individual...
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    @KittyMeowstika I just had an upvote on a comment here and was wondering: how is your traineeship going? Any improvement on your company's part?
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    @CoffeeNcode not much yet. i talked to my trainer and he told me he'll be more available soon. Sadly we get another manager and one of our devs is leaving. so i don't think it will change much. maybe i'm leaving too to look for another company which takes training seriously
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    @CoffeeNcode i just realised my reply must be very confusing. there are more problems with my apprenticeship than just Hugo's "optimism" of my skills. Gonna talk to Jo
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